Male and Female Cannabis Flowers

About Us

Based in Hobart, Tasmania, TasCann is a pioneer in the emerging cannabis sector. With a history that dates back to the mainstream re-emergence of medicinal cannabis in Australia in 2013, TasCann has built a truly global network of experienced specialist cannabis professionals who cover the complex range of skills required to reinvigorate the sector following decades of prohibition.

Our values


To take every precaution to protect the environment and wildlife.


To act honestly, openly, ethically, fairly, and with empathy.

Mutual respect

To treat people with mutual respect and to create and promote equal rights and opportunities.

High quality

To work to the highest standards, and delivery products that are practical and affordable.

Horticultural Research & Development

The fundamental basis for any agricultural industry is productive plant varieties, and the creation of a diverse range of cannabis based products requires a diverse range of cannabis cultivars.

Our horticulture team is advised by cannabis legend, Robert C. Clarke, and includes some of the world's leading specialist cannabis plant breeders who are experienced in both the development of medicinal, fibre and food varieties of the plant to suit varying geographical regions.

Robert C Clarke.png

HempFlax BV field in Romania with Robert C. Clarke

Therapeutic Products

With roots in patient advocacy, we understand the fundamental need to produce cannabis-based medicinal products that are affordable, organically certified and wide-ranging to alleviate the suffering of patients with a diverse range of needs.

Quality Assurance is a vital part of this process and a regulatory requirement, ensuring that patients are consuming products that are standardised, properly labelled and free of contaminants.

medicinal cannabis flowers

Medicinal cannabis extracts

Hemp Food & Fibre Based Products

TasCann is licensed to research, buy, sell and cultivate cannabis ‘hemp’ varieties and is currently undertaking research & development into related products and services.

hemp seed

The seed or grain of the cannabis plant is a highly nutritious food source containing: linoleic, linolenic and stearidonic essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B2, B9, B12, D and E, highly digestible proteins providing all essential amino acids, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorous and zinc minerals, and more…

cannabis flower

Medicinal cannabis flower - Photo by Mojave Richmond